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Book Fair


 Kate Caffrey,

Nancy Walsh,


 Two parents run the Library Committee.  The Chairpersons are responsible for the implementation of two Book Fairs, one in the fall and one in the spring.  They obtain all volunteers to staff the week long events. 

The Chairpersons assist the librarian with any volunteers needed throughout the year for library projects or class assistance.

All volunteers will be assigned their jobs on their volunteer days.


SPRING Book Fair, May 31st @ River Road Books in Fair Haven 

More Details Coming Soon!


Class Purchase Schedule:

KA:  Wednesday 12:19-12:59
KB:  Thursday  10:13-10:53
1A:  Tuesday  1:01-1:41
1B:  Tuesday  8:49-9:29
2A:  Tuesday  10:55-11:35
2B:  Wednesday  10:13-10:53
3A:  Tuesday  11:37-12:17
3B:  Thursday  9:31-10:11
4A:  Thursday  8:07-8:47
4B:  Tuesday  1:43-2:23
5A:  Wednesday  1:01-1:41
5B:  Thursday  1:43-2:23
6A:  Wednesday  8:49-9:29
6B:  Tuesday  10:13-10:53
7A:  Thursday  8:07-8:47
7B:  Thursday  8:49-9:29
8A:  Tuesday  8:07-8:47
8B:  Tuesday  8:07-8:47
**Grandparent’s Visit Friday 8-noon