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Head Class Parents
Chair of 4th -8th:    
Kristen Sweeney,

Chiar of PreK-3rd:

Christine Keegan,


Two chairpersons, one for the PreK-3rd grades and one for 4th-8th grades, run the class parent committee. They are responsible for the organization of each grade class parent. They collect and disburse all class dues. They are responsible for all information to be sent to the class moms via email. The Chairpersons are the liaisons between the class parents and the Executive Board of the PTA.

Class Parents: On each grade level there are also class parents for each class. These parents are responsible for relaying all pertinent information to the parents regarding events and information at Holy Cross throughout the year. The class parents are the liaison between the teachers and the parents in each classroom. They organize all class parties, birthday gifts for teachers, and end of the year gifts for teachers, and special crafts and class trip chaperones throughout the year. There are two class parents per class therefore four per grade and are drawn randomly from volunteers.