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How to Purchase Your Directory App

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Sign into your account on the Holy Cross PTA Website, and follow the steps below to puchase the directory app.


Select "SmartPhone Directory App" under "For Sale"





This brings you to the app sale page. Enter your quantity (1 for $10, etc). Then click "Add to Cart"



This will bring you to your cart. Please review your order and click "Check Out"



 Next you will be asked to confirm your order and enter your payment information (there is a link to pay by check). 



Once you have completed your payment, you may then go to your "My Directory App" page under the "My Account" menu.


This is where you will find your registration key for your Paperless PTO app.

Once you have paid for a one year subscription, please go to your phone/device, download the app and sign-into it by entering:

  1. Email Address used to sign into the PTA website
  2. Password for your sign-in to the PTA website
  3. Registration Key found on the "My Directory App" page of the PTA website or in an email to your email address used for sign-in to the PTA website