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since 09/04/2014
Assemblies & Art Appreciation
Chair:   Kelley McCarthy Kane & Megan Daffan





One parent runs the Assemblies committee.  He/she is responsible for locating educational assemblies for the school children in grades PreK-8.  The chairperson collaborates with the teachers to determine acceptable themes. She/he works within the given PTA budget to maximize the educational opportunities the guest speaker(s) has to offer.  The chair is responsible for the management of the speakers, their contracts, and any and all details of each assembly.

Art Appreciation

This program implements an art project to be completed by the students (K-8) with the assistance of parents during art class over a period of time. The art project is developed prior to the start of the school year to introduce and develop a gratitude for a particular time period of art, an artist's particular style, or even a type of artistry.   

For all of your hard work!

...and to all the parents who made it to the evening session, and to Dr. DeMareo for supporting it.  A wonderful event to begin our school year!!