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Holy Cross School PTA Committees


Annual Benefit
Chair:   Jennifer Giunta, Andrea Wrench and Meredith Barber

This is a school-wide event (preK-8) held during the evening and is for adults only.  It is usually held offsite and consists of dinner, dancing and a silent auction. The auction includes items donated by local vendors (at least 50 baskets) and items created by the children from the preschool through the eighth grade.  There is also a 50-50 raffle drawing and games to entertain all.  This is our main fundraiser for the school year.  This committee of at least ten parents works for months to prepare for the fun-filled event. 

Assemblies & Art Appreciation
Chair:   Kelley McCarthy Kane & Megan Daffan


One parent runs the Assemblies committee.  He/she is responsible for locating educational assemblies for the school children in grades PreK-8.  The chairperson collaborates with the teachers to determine acceptable themes. She/he works within the given PTA budget to maximize the educational opportunities the guest speaker(s) has to offer.  The chair is responsible for the management of the speakers, their contracts, and any and all details of each assembly.

Art Appreciation

This program implements an art project to be completed by the students (K-8) with the assistance of parents during art class over a period of time. The art project is developed prior to the start of the school year to introduce and develop a gratitude for a particular time period of art, an artist's particular style, or even a type of artistry.   

Bells and Whistles Fundraising
Chair:   Helpdesk
Description:   This committee is responsible for tracking the sales of the Paperless PTO Bells and Whistles fundraising program.
Chair:   Julie Mazza-Softcheck

We have two Bingo events during the school year. For now, they are open to all students PreK-4.  The Eighth Grade Student Council students are the "Number Callers" and the parent volunteers are the "Seekers".  The volunteers look for the winners throughout the room. Prizes are awarded to each game winner.  Food is served at the event and the volunteers will be asked to help at the register. The chairperson is responsible for obtaining the prizes and the implementation of the event.  

Book Fair/Library
Chair:   Kate Caffrey & Nancy Walsh

Two parents run the Library Committee.  The Chairpersons are responsible for the implementation of two Book Fairs, one in the fall and one in the spring.  They obtain all volunteers to staff the week long events. 

The Chairpersons assist the librarian with any volunteers needed throughout the year for library projects or class assistance.

All volunteers will be assigned their jobs on their volunteer days.

Booster Club
Chair:   Executive Board

Responsibilities include staffing all volunteer at HOME basketball games throughout the basketball season: collecting admission fees and staffing the snack bar. The Booster Club chair works with the Parent Athletic Committee (PAC) to implement communication between parents, coaches and the athletes. The Booster Club is responsible for ALL support staff for the Forrestdale vs. Holy Cross Annual Basketball Game.

Box Tops
Chair:   MaryBeth Lombardo

One parent runs the Box Top fundraiser.  He/she is responsible for the collection and counting of all box tops coupons collected throughout the year.  In the past, we have set up fun contests between the classrooms to see who can collect the most. The winning classroom is usually surprised with either an ice cream or pizza party.  Twice a year we submit our collection and Holy Cross receives a check.  

Committee Chairs
Chair:   Kat Smith


Eighth Grade Liason
Chair:   Christine Cafone

The 8th grade representative, a parent of an 8th grade student, coordinates with the all 8th grade teachers and the respective class parents throughout the year.  He/she communicates all necessary information pertaining to the 8th grade such as the Christmas Bazaar, Teachers Luncheon, Graduation, and the 8th grade Dinner Dance.  

Executive Board
Chair:   Kat Smith
  1. The Executive Board of the PTA consists of a President, Vice-President (Fundraising Focus), Vice-President (Fun-raising Focus), Treasurer and a Secretary.  All positions are listed under "Executive Board" on the home page.



Faith In Action
Chair:   Eileen Johnston

Chairperson(s) is responsible for recruiting students and matching them with projects that benefit the community.  The Chairperson reaches out to outside “need-based” organizations that can benefit from our help throughout the year.  The purpose is to have Holy Cross students participate in activities that strengthen their Faith in God while helping others. Responsibilites include helping Teresa Makin with the Diocesan Day of Service.

Chairperson is also responsible for coordinating Ascension Thursday Mass honoring the Police, Fire & Rescue in the school's area.

Head Class Parents
Chair:   Christine Keegan & Kristin Sweeney

Two chairpersons, one for the PreK-3rd grades and one for 4th-8th grades, run the class parent committee.  They are responsible for the organization of each grade class parent.  They collect and disburse all class dues.  They are responsible for all information to be sent to the class moms via email.  The Chairpersons are the liaisons between the class parents and the Executive Board of the PTA.

On each grade level there are also class parents for each class.  These parents are responsible for relaying all pertinent information to the parents regarding events and information at Holy Cross throughout the year.  The class parents are the liaison between the teachers and the parents in each classroom.  They organize all class parties, birthday gifts for teachers, and end of the year gifts for teachers, and special crafts and class trip chaperones throughout the year. There are two class parents per class therefore four per grade and are drawn randomly from volunteers.

Chair:   Kristine Kelly

Chairperson is responsible for all refreshments at Open Houses throughout the year as well as the Welcoming Night in August for all new students and their families.  The Hospitality Committee organizes the Christmas Tree Lighting and the Annual Ice Skating Party held in February.  They collect all fees, coordinate with the Ice Skating Rink and get volunteers for the Bake Sale held at the Skating Party.


Chair:   Catie Rudnick

One parent, must be a licensed attorney in the state of New Jersey, runs the Legislative Committee.  The Chairperson is an advisor to the PTA on any legal matters pertaining to the PTA of Holy Cross and our students.

Polar Bear Plunge
Chair:   Charissa Keavey & Lisa Roth

This committee coordinates with the Ancient Order of the Hibernians to implement this fundraiser which typically runs at the beginning of Catholic Schools Week - in January. The Hibernians are an organization that is committed to supporting Catholic Education. The events the committee coordinates the plunge along with a fundraising crawl and a chili cook-off.


Chair:   Teresa Makin

They are responsible for the marketing of all Holy Cross events.  The chairperson coordinates with local newspapers and media agents to report all events at Holy Cross.  They are responsible for all photography of events.  

School Store
Chair:   Liz Hempstead

Committee is responsible for providing spirit wear and fun items to support our school!

Scrip & Grocery Magic
Chair:   Beth Camillone

The Scrip Program is a yearlong fundraiser for Holy Cross.  The Committee implements the weekly purchases of gift cards by Holy Cross families to over 300 different stores nationwide.  They are responsible for the collection of all monies pertaining to the Scrip Program throughout the year.  They coordinate all invoices for participating families’ accounts and work closely with the PTA Treasurer during the school year and throughout the summer. 

Grocery Magic is the implementation of weekly gift card purchases from Holy Cross families to local grocery stores.  The chairperson is responsible for the collection of all orders, disbursement of gift cards on Thursdays of each week and the accounting of all families participating in the program throughout the year.

Trunk or Treat
Chair:   Abigail Swanton and Krista Furlong

This event coincides with the Holy Cross Halloween Parade and is held on October 31st.  This year we are asking for 8-10 cars, regardless of grade, to join in on the fun. Cars are decorated in Halloween motif. The class moms are responsible for including in the class sign ups the assigned treat for theri grade. We need volunteers to help with the passing out of the treats.

Uniform Sale
Chair:   Janet Malone

One parent runs the Uniform Sale.  The Chairpersons are responsible for three sales held throughout the year.  The first sale is in August, the second in October and the third in late March early April.  All sales coincide with the changing of Fall/Winter/Spring Uniforms.  The Committee is responsible for the upkeep and organization of all donated uniforms.  

Website Advertising
Chair:   Executive Board

This committee is responsible for recruiting parties interested in advertising or sponsoring on our website.

Website, On-line Presence & Directory App
Chair:   Executive Board

This committee is responsible for optimizing the website, the PTA's on-line presence and up to date directory information.

Chair:   Alison Mayo & Jennifer Trafficante

They are responsible for the organization of new students and their families at Welcoming Night held in August.  They also coordinates new Holy Cross families with “Veteran” families to provide another avenue of information about the school.  The Chairpersons keep constant contact throughout the year with the new families and their “buddy families”.  The chairpersons are the liaisons between the new families and the PTA.